Leigh Lally, PhD

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.
R. Buckminster Fuller

PhD, Architecture + Design Research

School of Architecture + Design, College of Architecture + Urban Studies, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia, May 2014;

  • Dissertation- Social Networking for Professional Development in the Architecture + Design Industry

Campus Planner + Designer

Office of University Planning, Campus Architecture, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia;

  • Campus Planning, Visual Communication Design, Graphics, Branding & Wayfinding, & Interior Design for Higher Education

Adjunct Professor

Interior Design, School of Architecture + Design, College of Architecture + Urban Studies, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia; 

  • Contemporary Interior Design Practice

Principal, Avalon Design

Blacksburg, Virginia

  • Interior Design & Visual Communication Design, focused on Urban renewal, sustainability, non-profit projects